I’ve been on Facebook for a few years now and I’ve heard so much bad things about it that I really want to say some words about it.

Yes, Facebook, if not used right, can harm you and the people around you. Yes, there are pedophiles and hackers and all the bad people there. But if you’re careful, share what you want to share with only the ones you want to share it with, change password often, activate text message log in security… I think it’s a really good social website! It’s a really good way to keep in touch with everyone you don’t see on a daily basis, to schedule events with your friends, to share thoughts and photos and everything you want. On Facebook you can subscribe to companies’ pages, check for contests and giveaways, watch fun videos, have access to new products. And if it’s what you like, you can play games. I do. I play Cafe World and “play” (accept request and such) City of Wonder and Frontierville. And it’s good, specially to keep your mind active for a bit.

But the most important thing to me is that Facebook keeps me in touch with my family. My sister and brother in law use it often, my mother uses it also and a few months ago, almost a year ago, one of my half sisters (I have a lot of half sisters and one half brother, from my father’s side) found my mother on Facebook and we are now in touch! After so many years, we are now in touch! I’m sorry, I know you all have your opinions and it’s your right to have them, as I have mine. But please, don’t trash it when I’m in the same room. Facebook introduced me to a sister and a niece and their lives. And I’m not sure if it would be as easy if she hadn’t find my mom there.

So, thank you. I’ll always be grateful.


Sofia @ Something on Everything

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