Facebook Parenting: For the troubled teen.

I think every teen should watch this. And also, every parent. Not only it shows that what you do – everything you do – has a consequence, but also it shows how badly it can go when you don’t respect your parents.

To me, this guy rocks. It’s amazing how teens can be so unaware and spoiled, even if apparently they’re not raised like that. I probably would do it in a different way, but it looks like shooting and having guns around is normal to this man, so…

So, before watching the video – and yes, it’s long, but you should really watch it whole – read what this father wrote on the Facebook response and below the video on YouTube. And share this video with people you think should watch it.


“My daughter thought it would be funny/rebellious/cool to post on her Facebook wall just how upset she was and how unfair her life here is; how we work her too hard with chores, never pay her for chores, and just in general make her life difficult.

She chose to share this with the entire world on Facebook and block her parent’s from seeing it. Well, umm… she failed. As of the end of this video, she won’t have to worry anymore about posting inappropriate things on Facebook…

Maybe a few kids can take something away from this… If you’re so disrespectful to your parents and yourself as to post this kind of thing on Facebook, you’re deserving of some tough love. Today, my daughter is getting a dose of tough love. “

UPDATE: Watch this Today MSNBC clip.


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