Exciting, exciting, exciting!


I realize I’ve been away for a while. This has a reason.

The past 14 months since I started the blog have been amazing. I’ve met so many nice people, received really good feedback (that I can actually use to make things better) and – specially – I’ve learned a lot. Naturally, I’m taking the next step. I’ve been working on changing my website and make it more user friendly. I know that with such a random topic website, it may get quite difficult to find what you’re looking for, so I’m making a lot of changes. With that, I will also continue and work even harder on my YouTube Channel. It’s been really fun doing all these things and I now know that it’s something that I want to take on more seriously.

This doesn’t mean I will stop working on finding a RL job on my professional main area. I have time to do all of that.

A lot of people face the New Year as something that magically will turn your life around. I know that it doesn’t work like that. The new year is only new in paper if you don’t take action. So, this is me taking action. =)

Thank you for all your support and I do hope you’re as excited for the new ventures as I am! The new website will be fully operating sometime in the next week. Here’s some of the ways you can keep posted on this:

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Have a wonderful New Years Eve and hop on the New Year with good thoughts and definite plans to take action. That’s what I’ll be doing. =)

I’ll see you very soon!

Sofia @ Something on Everything

I’m a 32 year old Portuguese Psychomotricist / Early Intervention Specialist that loves to write about everything! Here you’ll find a lot of different and great topics, but lately I’ve been loving to write about Food, Fitness and DIY! Hope you enjoy it and follow me on a journey to a better self!

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