Evie Mai Cosmetics – Gotta Get Glowin’ 12 color palette – Photos and Review

I bought this Evie Mai Cosmetics palette around Christmas and I’ve been using it ever since. I didn’t know this brand and I wasn’t able to learn much more since, as their website keeps having browsing errors. But you can check it out here. I’ve used this palette enough times that I’m confortable to tell you what I think of it.

It cost me 5.99€ – around $8 – and it comes with twelve 1.9g (0.07oz) eyeshadow colors. You can check out the ingredient list below.


I like this palette. Feels strong enough to survive my makeup bag and the mirror is big. I don’t like sponge tip applicators, so mine will remain as white as they’re shown below.

The colors are extremely pigmented. Like crazy pigmented. The first time I used it, I used the greyish colors and the two lighter ones in the middle. I had already swatched them (the swatches below) and wasn’t that impressed. So I packed the brush with that darker grey and it was so so dark and concentrated that I was kinda shocked. After this first impression, I started all over again and it made an amazing look.

The shades are really metallic, quite soft and don’t create a major fallout. The only shade that I had troubles with, was the 7th from the left. But even the fallout is easily taken care of, so, no big deal.

Let take a closer look at the swatches:


I like most of the shades and some are even on my favorites to use right now. The two purples, the 1st and 11th colors are similar, but the first one is more concentrated, and they reflect the light in different ways. The greys are beautiful and create really great smokey eyes. The two lighter ones – 5th and 6th – are really good highlighters, the first has golden tones and the second has silver tones. I’ll give them a lot of use, I’m sure. And the copper, golden and brownish shades are similar but they’re all different on the eyelid. The red-ish shade on the right is really pretty, but it’s so BAM-in-your-face that I don’t know if I’ll use it often on daily makeup looks.

These swatches don’t do the colors justice. I was playing with the palette before writing this post and thought I’d share the result:


Overall, I’m really satisfied. I didn’t have these colors on my makeup collection and even though they’re metallic, you can always use it really lightly and it won’t show up as metallic as they are. The price was amazing for the quality – it turned out to be around 0.5€ ($0.65) per eye shadow and they are so pigmented that they will last me a long time.

Regarding staying power, I always always use a primer (Too Faced Shadow Insurance or Benefit Stay Don’t Stray) and it will last me the whole day with minimal difference, but I did try them on once without primer and the creasing wasn’t terrible.

These are also great to accent a matte look, I’ve done it and they blend well with others also. =) I’m thinking of making some Face of The Day posts using this palette, that’s why you don’t see any look in this post. But check back later and you’ll see some looks for sure. 😉

I only saw this palette in store here in Portugal and I’m looking to find some more online to check them out. They seem to have some interesting products. If you don’t know this brand and happen to see any product in a store, check it out. This palette is worth it. Can’t speak for the rest of the products but I’m interested now. =)

Hope this was helpful and that you enjoyed it!

Have a great Friday!

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