Essie Foot Loose and St. Lucia Lilac Reviews


I got to spend the day today with my Mom and Grandma! =) They came to the capital city to visit my grandma’s brother who had surgery last week. Even though the motive wasn’t that fun, it was really cool having them around. =) The last time I was at my hometown was in the middle of August and since then, they already came to Lisbon once for a funeral. But my dad and my doggie stayed there, so I have yet to see them. But we’ll go there on October 5 so, I don’t have to wait that much until I see them. =)

One of the things we did today was going to Sephora. I wanted to buy a nail polish for this weekend’s wedding and I chose one of Essie’s. Hence this review.

I had read some posts and saw some video reviews on Essie nail polishes. But I had never even seen one in person. Until that lovely afternoon when I went to Sephora and there they were. Beautiful shades of one of the highest internet-rating less-expensive nail polish brands. =)

I first bought Essie St. Lucia Lilac and when I tried it out I was sold. Right there. I had to use three layers to be satisfied – but that was when my nails were stained from that blue Sephora nail polish – but all three layers were really quick to dry. The first time I used it, I put a top coat of Sally Hansen’s Mega Shine and it lasted without ANY chipping a whole week. We don’t have a dish washer so, to have a polish that lasts this long washing dishes every day, it’s amazing.

The second time I used it, I didn’t put the top coat to compare, and it lasted 10 days without chipping. =) Awesome.

I’m gonna wear the same dress to this wedding that I wore to the wedding we went to in the beginning of the month – blue jewel tone – and I though a pink would look nice. So I bought the Foot Loose.

I LOVE this color! And I already did my nails because I know they will last perfectly until the wedding. How cool is that? Essie is a bit more expensive than the L´’Oréal and Maybelline ones, but it’s SO worth it! Seriously, the only bad thing to me is that we only have about 15 different shades available on our Sephoras and I won’t use most of them. They should sell a broader selection, but I’m used to it. I mean, I live in Portugal, we don’t have it all. =)

Essie, I’m a fan. Everyone else reading this, you should be too! =)

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