Ellen DeGeneres’ Seriously…I’m Kidding Book Review

On a blog post back in February, I told you that I was putting the latest Ellen DeGeneres book – Seriously…I’m Kidding – on my wishlist. Well, my parents gave it to me as a birthday gift in June =)

For those of you that have been watching Ellen on her talk show, following her on Twitter or some clips on the show’s You Tube channel, the awesomeness of this book will not come as a surprise.

It’s written in a way that it seems she’s talking to each and every one of the readers – sometimes she even mentions that directly – and it sure has something for everyone (including some “different” pages that you’ll be laughing out loud just because she thought of doing it)!

This is a book that only Ellen DeGeneres would do. It’s funny, not offensive, really easy to read (as I said, it’s like she’s talking to us) and in a way, really serious. As always, she talks about very serious issues using comedy. And I believe that’s the best way to get to people.

I don’t want to give much info on the book, because I think it would spoil the experience of reading (yes, it’s an experience, believe me!), but it has 241 pages and 59 chapters. Some of them are surprising, some are one word, others 140 characters. =) My favorite chapter is the one called “Deep Thinkers and Not So Deep Thinkers”.

You probably won’t learn A LOT of new things about Ellen. I haven’t read the other two books she wrote before this, but I’ve been a fan of hers for 6 or 7 years (since I first starting watching her show), and she shares some parts of her life and thoughts with the audience and followers. She’s a role model. And – if you’re straight – no, you won’t “turn gay” just by thinking she’s a good entertainer (something I read a lot when she was made JCPenney’s spokersperson).

Long story short – and Ellen, I think it applies here (read the book to understand this) – this is a really funny book and you’ll love reading it!

Sofia @ Something on Everything

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