Easy and quick Scone recipe

A couple of weeks ago, I found myself eating some really good scones baked by a friend of mine. And when I asked, she told me it was a really simple recipe, that I could look for online. So I did, and yesterday I tried to make them for the first time.

It really is simple. All you need is a mixing bowl, a mixer (stand or not), a cookie sheet or a cupcake pan, a scale and these ingredients (and I’m sorry to all the non-metric users out there but most of the scales right now have both measuring systems and it’s really easier for you this way):
– 250g all-purpose flour
– 100g milk
– 30g butter
– 50g white sugar
– 1 egg
– 2 teaspoons baking powder
– a pinch of salt


Before starting, preheat your oven to 200ºC / 390 F. After it, all you really need to do, and I advise you to do as I did (in the photo above), is weigh all the ingredients directly to the bowl you’re using. It’s easier, believe me.

So, after putting all the ingredients in, just mix them all together for literally a few seconds until you get a consistent dough. Then, using a ice cream scoop or a tablespoon, put the dough in the cookie sheet or the cupcake pan (sprinkled with a bit of flour) and put in the oven for 10 to 15 minutes. They’re ready when they get that pretty golden color. =)



This recipe yields about 10 scones if you’re making them bigger than they’re supposed to be. =) I guess it should make about 20 normal sized ones.

Serve with your favorite jam or butter and preferably while still warm. Enjoy!! =) I know I did! And I’m sure I’m gonna make this recipe a lot. It’s so simple, easy and quick! It’s great! 😉

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