Easy and quick Bell Pepper entrée


This Christmas Eve I made an awesome, easy and quick entrée with bell peppers. I’ve seen Jamie Oliver do some different things with bell peppers, and I wanted to combine all those and make my own.

To do it, you need some bell peppers – I prefer the red ones, but they’re kinda expensive here in Portugal, so I guess that green peppers can do the trick – olive oil, salt and feta cheese.



I live in an apartment, so, grilling outside is not an option. I do it in my stove top and they taste really good and it’s fast and easy as we always want these kind of recipes to be. This photo was taken from a previous time I made a dish with grilled bell peppers.

You can also grill the peppers this way, in a indoor grill, but, obviously, if you can do it outside and in coal, it’s better. Tastes better. =)

This photo was taken a few months ago, maybe a year. =)

After peeling the peppers, wash it and just take the seed part of it. The goal is to make some kind of bag with the pepper.

Grab an appropriate oven dish – I normally use the kind of oven dish you can see in the photo below – and just drizzle a bit of olive oil, to keep the peppers from sticking to the dish.

Get the cheese and – if it’s not already cubed, cube it – and put a generous amount of cheese inside the peppers. Put the peppers in the dish and drizzle on top of them with some bit more olive oil and a pinch of salt. It will look somewhat like the ones below.



Put it in the oven for about 20 minutes, at 170ºC (330F), or until it looks as roasted as you want it, and the cheese is softened.

Serve it while still hot, and I’m sure you’ll love it and want to do it often! 😉 I sure do! But I love bell peppers.

Obviously, you can use some modifications of this recipe. Try them, have fun combining new things and if you want to, leave a comment telling me what you did!

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