Dog Owners, you need to read this, specially if you live in Portugal. =)

I just want to write this post to help you. Seriously.

I have a dog as you know, and for the first year of her life, I bought her food in the supermarket here close to home. But, I always bought her training pads (for potty training) online at Amazon. It was really cheaper than buying here and I would always find great deals.

As you also may know, if you live in Portugal, any package coming from outside the EU will be taxed at 23%. That’s horrible and my thoughts on this would make a really long and angry post. But that also limited my search to European sites.

When I was buying her pads in March – I bought them on – I came across an ad for dog food. I didn’t know the brand, but the price was unbelievable.

For some sort of comparison, in Portugal, for a bag of 15kg (about 33 lbs), you can pay from 10 to 40€ depending on the brand. The cheaper ones are really awful and greasy and I don’t want that for my dog. The ones on the ad would cost 12€ with shipping costs included. It may seem that it’s not that good of an offer, but I browsed online for reviews of the brand – the name is Wagg – and it’s all sorts of amazing. Highly recommended, complete and mostly organic dog food. They even compare it to Purina, which you may know that it’s one of the best – and most expensive – brands of dog and cat food.

So, I bought 2 bags of 15kg in March, got them 3 or 4 days later – via MRW, express package delivery company – and we just ran out of it a week ago. 30 kgs in about 6 months.

I went online again to order some more and this time I got an even better deal. I bought 12 packages of 2.5kg each, and it came to a whooping amount of 9,80€ per 15kg! Seriously! Amazing quality dog food, delivered right to your door and cheaper than in the supermarket? What more do you want?

I really really recommend you dog owners out there, specially if you’re living in Portugal, to look for alternatives to the high prices at our stores. It can be cheaper and not loose quality. You just need to look. is a great alternative in Europe. is the best worldwide. =)

Oh, and in case you’re wondering, my dog loves this food and it seems to be a really great food. If it wasn’t, I wouldn’t have bought it again. And will sure do it again in 6 months. =)


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