DIY – Side Table Lamp Edition

We had some old lamps on our side tables. I was tired of looking at them and thinking that I had to do something. So, I did.

This is what I started with.


It’s a wooden lamp with a slightly textured lamp shade. Our room doesn’t have a really decoration theme, but I had to spruce this up.

First thing you need to do is get the materials. And really all you need to do this is some old newspapers, spray paint and some tape to protect the parts you don’t want to spray. I chose bronze for the lamp and silver for the lamp shade.


Get the tape and put around the parts you don’t want to spray – bulb holder and cord (you may need a plastic bag to make it easier).


And then, very carefully and preferably in a place with good ventilation – spray paint is toxic – spray the lamp and leave it to dry completely.┬áThen, spray the lamp shade and also leave to dry completely.


After they dry, you can reassemble the lamp and put the bulb on again.

Ours look like this =) I’m loving it!




I love the combination of the bronze and silver and the lamp shade almost looks like a some sort of white. Even though it was painted silver, it’s not glittery, so it works perfectly!

And this is a really easy way to have new objects without the need to buy brand new and spend a lot of money! =) You just need a bit of imagination!


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