DIY Salt Containers =)

I told you on my random goodies post a few days ago that on the same day that I did a makeover to my bread box, I also came up with an idea for salt containers.


We have a problem with humidity in our house, so we always have problems with the longevity of salt. Nothing seems to work, except for something airtight. Airtight. Wait, I have a few airtight containers (photo on the left). =) From the dried active yeast and the cappuccino mix we always have. (I’ve become a bit of a hoarder of these kinds of containers, just because we never know what use we can give them. Tiny hoarder. Nothing to worry here).


My idea was to use both spray paint and the chalk paint and create something with the word salt. So I painted a strip on both cans and let it dry completely.

Then, I drew the letters on tape, cut and glued them carefully on top of the black strip.

After that, I sprayed the entire cans with bronze and turquoise sprays and let them dry completely before I removed the letters.



When I removed the letters, I realized some of them had some spray paint where they shouldn’t, so I just lined each letter with a black permanent ink pen. And this was the final result!




I love these colors and I do like how they look in the food cabinet =)

It’s a bit less practical than using something with holes, but it’s the only way we can keep the salt dry.

So, if you have any containers like this at home, think twice before you throw them in the recycle bin 😉


Have a great day!

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