DIY Magnetic Blackboard

DIY Magnetic Blackboard | by

Hi everyone!

This is a quick and very very easy DIY that you can make for yourself and your family or to give as a gift. I did. I made this as a birthday gift for a 3 year-old and he really liked it!

You really only need 4 things:
magnetic board (mine was an old one from IKEA but any kind of magnetic board works, really – the one in the link is a similar one)
chalkboard paint
black tape
magnetic letters, numbers, chalk sticks

And it’s quite self-explanatory. Paint the board with the chalkboard paint – I did 2 coats. Put the tape around the board to make sure every edge is softened – especially if this is to be used by kids.

And there you go. Now you can use it to make so many different things! Playing alone, directed play… oh the possibilities!

I had a cute box that I used to put the letters and chalk but you can place and store them in a different kind of container.

DIY Magnetic Blackboard | by
I hope this gave you ideas for your next gift needs! 😉 A handmade gift is always better, in my book!

See you tomorrow! And as always, pin, share, save! =) Thank you!

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