DIY: Giving a makeover to a bread box

We’ve had a hand-me-down bread box for a couple of years now and finally it was time for a makeover. We have some black and silver appliances, so that was the obvious choice in what came to colors.

This is the before:



And at that point I had already put some tape on the sides, so I could spray the silver part without messing everything up.

I used a black chalk paint and a silver spray, and if you keep up with my blog, I’ve used both many times on other projects around the house.


So, I sprayed the lid part of the box, and then painted the rest with the black paint. It took almost a day to dry completely just because I wanted it to be really done before putting the liner.


I left it to dry during the night and this morning I glued the lining. I used a black non-stick oven liner that I had and never used before and this was something that I really wanted because it makes it a lot easier to clean. =)

And this is how the bread box looked after the makeover! I really like how it turned out!





And this is how it looks in its place!



Like I always say, you don’t always need to buy something new. I like how it turned out and it was a bit of a mess before. =) You just need creativity, patience and not be afraid of doing things yourself. 😉

I hope you liked this post and it inspired you to make a few makeovers! =)

See you tomorrow!


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