DIY: Beauty Cabinet using an old drawer


I’ve been wanting to do this for a while now. Back in August we brought an old file cabinet from my parents house that we now use as our laundry support cabinet. But it had 5 drawers and we’re only using 3. So, I instantly thought about things to do to the other 2, so they would be useful. I mean, reduce, reuse, recycle, right?


Above there’s a photo of one of the drawers and of two 40cm (15.78in) baseboard scraps from a previous work at my boyfriend’s gym. I tried to use all things that I had at home, the only thing I had to buy was a second can of that beautiful copper spray (pic below – center).

So, this is what I did: sprayed the whole inside of the drawer and painted the outside and the baseboards with the chalk paint I used on my To-Do Board DIY Project. I did this over a period of two days because we’re having a really humid weather and it takes quite a while to dry completely. I did two layers and it was enough.

I thought I would be able to glue down the shelves quite easily so I tried it. My glue gun broke and then I waited for 4 days until my mom sent my other glue gun all the way from home. When I finally got it, I realized the back of the drawer of really irregular so it wouldn’t work.

What I did instead was just using thin but long nails and hammered them into place. One nail on each side of each shelf was enough (they were pretty tight already and they’re lightweight). To make the earring hangers, I used a power drill and quickly made two holes on each side of the cabinet – after measuring to ensure they were in the right place. I wanted to put two lines to hang my earrings, one higher and closer to the back and the other lower and closer to the front.

I cut the copper-colored wire with a wire cutter and put it in place and that was basically it!


I already had two nails on the wall that I wanted to put this cabinet so, all I needed to do was to pin two D-rings to the back of the cabinet and hang it!


And then it was time to fill it in! I wanted to be able to display my nail polishes and my earrings and I thought the colors would look pretty together. And they do! I’m really pleased with the result and it was really easy to do! Took a while because of the glue gun incident but it was easy and fun to do. =) And I only bought the spray so, this proves that you only need a bit of imagination and creativity to create really cool stuff that otherwise you would pay quite a bit for.

Hope you liked it!



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