Dinner with Friends

Yesterday I had a Christmas dinner with most of my closest friends. We chose to go to a turkish restaurant and the food was awesome. I had this Iskender Kebad (I think it’s the name) and it was soooooo tasty.


Yesterday was also a day of “firsts”. For the first time in my friends’ monthly dinners, I wore a dress. I debuted a pair of shoes I’ve had for a few months but never used. I also used my hair in a way I’ve never used before and I used liquid eyeliner for the first time also. And for the first time, I gave baked goods for presents (hope you guys like them).
I also had a bad first, that I really really wish is a once in a lifetime thing and stops bothering quickly 😉

As I said a few times before, I have the best friends. I do. I’m lucky. And once again, as before, spending time with them makes me realize how much I’m gonna miss them. But I think that’s a good thing. If I wasn’t to miss anyone, that would be a clear sign that my life…well, sucked.

So, to say the least, it was an awesome way to say Happy holidays to the closest people in my life. Oh, and to get a really cute keychain from my secret santa! 😉 You abso-freakin-lutely nailed it 😉

Happy Holidays everyone! Hope you’re getting to spend some time with everyone you love. 😉

Note: Today I’m going home to spend the holidays so, tomorrow’s post will probably be about that eheh

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