Devil’s Food Poke Cake =) (inspired by The Country Cook!)

Last week, browsing online for cool different ways of baking cakes, I stumbled upon this amazing blog called The Country Cook. I actually can’t remember which recipe I read first, but I quickly became amazed at how delicious and simple the recipes looked.


Today we had a family dinner at my parents’. We were 9 and I was in charge of dessert. I had a box of Shur Fine’s Devil’s Food (bought on my latest Liberty American Store shopping spree – photo on the left) and I love white chocolate mousse (also bought in a powder mix at the supermarket; I use the one from the brand Alsa).

This is probably the easiest cake I’ve made. So, what you’ll need is to cook the cake as instructed in the box and preferably in a rectangular cake pan. When it’s done, and while still warm, grab a wooden spoon and make holes with the handle. Make sure the holes are big enough to hold the mousse and that they go all the way through the bottom.

Then, while the cake cooled a bit, I prepared the mousse and spread about half of it on top of the still warm-ish cake. At this time you need to make sure all the holes are filled up. That’s what will give the amazing filling effect. =) Then, after the cake completely cooled, I poured the rest of the mix and put it in the fridge until I served it.


Gotta say, it was a success! The cake was really moist and the mousse-filled holes were delicious! =) This is a nice way to quickly make a really cool and different cake! You only need to choose the cake mix and topping combination that you prefer and there you have it!

Thank you so much Brandie! I love your blog and I’ll keep recommending it to everyone I know! =)

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