Christmas Wishes

Yesterday a friend of mine posted this pic on her Facebook wall. It says, in Portuguese, something like this: “You know you grew up when what you wish for Christmas can’t be bought”.


That really sums up my feelings for this Christmas. You may think of some material things that you think you might “need” but things you really want aren’t available at stores or whatever.

To all of you, I hope you get to be with everyone you love this holiday season. I won’t. But I wish that for you. And I know next year will be different, so, that’s okay.

After such a hard year, I would gladly give up everything I may receive as xmas presents this year for just one of my wishes. I don’t ask for much and any of the things on my wish list would be fine. I’m not gonna post my list obviously, but Santa, send me an email and I’ll send you back the list. =)

Sometimes we give too much attention to what we can buy. I’ve made a lot of gifts throughout the years so that’s no news to me, but this year… my friends will get a smile, a hug and a kiss from me. Some of them will even get some homemade cookies. And I know it’s okay. =)

I know this was a different kind of post, but these are my thoughts for today. =) Happy holidays everyone!

Sofia @ Something on Everything

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