Christmas Gift Guide #3 – For Kids

Christmas Gift Guide #3 - For Kids | by

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Third post in a day? Yes, it’s time for the Christmas Gift Guide for Kids! =)

I focused on staple gifts for kids, going from a teether toy to legos. I usually prefer giving educational toys or books instead of clothes, shoes and accessories. And seriously, working with kids on a daily basis, I see so many things they don’t actually need to be happy and play and develop… I like gifts with a purpose. 😉

So, on to the third of 5 Gift Guides! Be sure to come back soon for the next Gift Guide! For information on each of my choices, click on the items’ names. Enjoy!!

Christmas Gift Guide #3 - For Kids | by

Sophie the Giraffe Teether ∞∞ First 100 Words Book ∞∞ Mega Bloks


Christmas Gift Guide #3 - For Kids | by

Wooden Abacus ∞∞ Magnetic Chalk Dry Erase Board with Alphabet & Numbers ∞∞ Textured Multi Ball Set ∞∞ Playground Ball ∞∞ Play-Doh Set ∞∞ 100-Piece Wood Blocks Set ∞∞ Wooden Blocks Set ∞∞ Playable ART Ball ∞∞  Lego Bricks & More Creative Bucket


Christmas Gift Guide #3 - For Kids | by

Guess How Much I Love You ∞∞ Love You Forever ∞∞ Charlotte’s Web ∞∞ Charlie and the Chocolate Factory ∞∞ Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone



Hope you enjoyed this guide! Check back soon for the last 2 guides! And check out the Gift Guide for Her and Gift Guide for Him!

Also, make sure to stop by next Monday – I’ll be posting the “Saving money while shopping for Christmas Ultimate Guide“. It will come in handy, for sure!

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See you soon!



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