Cardeli Photography and why you should go check out their work. =)

A few months ago, maybe even a year ago, one of my nieces went to a wedding and she was tagged in some photos by this photographer that I had never heard of. Granted, I don’t know many Portuguese photographers, my bad. The photos of that wedding were so cool that I found myself lost in the photograph albums on their Facebook page.

I love the style of the photos and I love how they capture the moments. Even without knowing any of the people portrayed (except my niece), it’s almost as we can feel how they were feeling at the moment of the photo. Seriously, it’s that good.


I’m not an expert and I’ve only messaged them once to ask permission to use some photos on this post, but you know how I love to share my finds with all of you. Here’s a bit of what’s told on the Biography page on their website:

Cardeli Photography Agency was born out of passion for photography.  We produce the highest quality images that capture the emotions of the moment using the latest photographic technology available while retaining an artistic style true to the event. (…) Often it’s the attention to detail, which makes the difference between a good and a great photo.  Whether it’s working with the balance and contrast of colors, composition, tonal variations or finding a unique perspective. (…) Cardeli Photography Agency is based in Poland and was started in 2005. (…) Our accomplishments are largely due to catering to each individual clients needs.  Whether it’s a shooting kitesurfers riding a Pacific reef break or a family christening, customers are secure in the knowledge that they will receive images that capture the moment.

I really recommend you to check out their Facebook page and their website to see the entire portfolio (links will be in the end of the post), but check out the photos below.


Amazing, right? And these are just some without showing a lot of faces. I love how they take such a great attention to detail. I really like this style.

They don’t have just photos of weddings, if you were wondering, but these are some of my favorites.

Go check them out, and if you’re in Portugal, consider them for your next event. They are on my list for sure!

Website – Cardeli Photography Agency and Cardeli Photography Weddings
Facebook page – Cardeli Photography

Have a great weekend!

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