Bread Makers

I wasn’t that big of a fan of bread makers, specially because I do like to make bread at home, but make it from scratch. But two or three years ago, I had a co-worker at the time that kept raving on her bread maker and I came across a really good sale on a Clatronic machine, so I went for it.

Since then, I’ve used it probably twice a week and I love it! I use those store-bought flour mixes (and I also tried a few times some recipes that I found online) and it’s a really nice equipment to have at home. And I’ve been through a couple of different brands (of flour mix) and love the Continente brand (sorry to the non-portuguese readers) – it hold two servings of 1kg (2.20lbs) breads with just a packet and it costs 1,60€. =) Cool, right?

And with bread making machines you can also bake a lot of different things, and you can even make pizza dough. =)

Overall, I highly recommend you this, specially if you consume a lot of bread on a weekly basis – the price of bread right now is so high it’s incredible – it will be worth it.



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