My parents are journalists and my grandma (with who I’ve lived for most of my life) was a teacher. Both my parents have written books and they’re also editors for other people’s books. So, it’s no wonder that I love to read.

Since I was a kid I remember having a lot of books in the house at all times. In the first house I lived we had a wall full with shelves top-to-bottom, and I’m not sure but I believe we had close to 500 books. In my house right now, I’m always out of room for new books and the photo below is only one of my bookcases. I have another one a bit bigger and I have books in a few other places in the house.


I have a lot of books related to my job. I think they’re the biggest share of my collection. After that, it’s probably cooking-related books. I LOVE to cook and usually the books on food, special diets (like gluten-free diets) and gourmet cooking are really good and well put together. And I like shiny things eh eh =)

I also have, and you can see in the picture, the first 20 editions of Jamie Oliver’s Magazine. That is the only magazine I have ever subscribed and it’s really good.

I’ve worked as a special education teacher for the past two years and I’ve been worried. It seems that most of the kids don’t really like to read anymore. Some because their parents don’t like to read, so they don’t pass that on to their kids, others because there is so much stuff that distracts them right now that books are the least favorite thing to look when they’re bored.

The video below is really what’s happening right now.

 The next generations are not gonna look to a book as we did because they don’t have to. There are so many devices right now that even if you like to read, you can do it easily with touching one. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for having electronic devices and all types of things that can simplify your life. But I’m just not sure if letting go of books is the right way to go. I know my kids will always have books around. I know my friends’ kids will too (my friends are really keen of books too). But with so many families that don’t even read for leisure or get their kids to do it, how long will it take to completely kill books? Publishing house have to go with the flow, and some years ago – not even a decade ago – we didn’t have eBooks and look at the ebook market right now…

I don’t know, I’m always be a book fan. Even if I read an occasional ebook. =)

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