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Well, it’s no news that I love TV shows. One of my favorites is Bones. Not only it’s shot in one of my favorite cities in the world – Washing DC – but it probably has the best team of writers that a TV show can have. It’s witty and funny but still so clever. It’s about murders but not extremely violent and bloody as some shows can be. It’s some times gross but the right amount of grossness necessary to the plot. And it has enough plot twists to really grab a viewer’s attention. Yesterday was their seventh season premiere, and, as always, it was so good!

Disclaimer: if you haven’t seen the final episodes of season 6 or the premiere of season 7, don’t read anymore. Watch those episodes and then come back because I’ll be spoiling a lot of things for you. Things that you really have to see first in the show =)


First of all, I don’t know why but I hadn’t seen all the 23 episodes from season 6. So, even knowing that the season finale ended with Tempe saying to Booth that she was pregnant and he was the father, I did not know what led to that. So, obviously the last few days were spent watching season 6. I thought it was amazing!

Hodgins’ reactions every time Angela had signs of labor was so funny! And the whole labor/crime solving time was just what I imagined that would happen! =) And the last scene, when Tempe tells the news to Booth, with him smiling…oh my, it was the best way to end a season. The whole episode made me shed a few tears. But the unexpected event in the episode 22, when Vincent is shot in the lab, I think that was the big surprise from season 6 for me. I’m sure it was because I already knew Tempe was pregnant (obviously if I didn’t that would be the biggest one).

Poor Vincent. I liked him. But, in retrospect, we talked so much and was such a big part of the episode, that I should have known something was about to happen to him. The part when they say goodbye to him was really emotional. Really intense. Even with the singing. =)

One thing I’m really happy didn’t happen was Angela and Hodgins’ son being born blind. I thought that would be a probably plot twist but I’m sure glad that didn’t happen. They didn’t deserve it, after everything.

And now, the seventh season premiere. Poor Tempe =) She is now about 6 months along in the pregnancy and she is hilarious! Her Aspergers-y personality fits really well with the pregnancy hormones! Not! I laughed so much watching this episode! It was a really good start to a season we’re all expecting to be one of the best. When she started to cry at the crime scene, and she said “I’m not normal, I’m extraordinary!”, that was a pure Temperance Brennan moment. The whole episode was awesome. It’ll be so much fun to watch them “survive” this pregnancy. =)


The one thing I don’t really like about this TV show is that the iPad/iPhone app they developed is only available for the USA iTunes store. Don’t likey, no no. I’m in Portugal, I should be allowed to download it too.

I’m now gonna leave you with some season 7 promos. If these promos don’t make you wanna watch the show, I don’t know what will. Hope you tune in to watch this season so they renew it soon 😉

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