Beauty reviews in the works – Sneak peek!

In the past two months – since the last time I posted – I’ve been kind of collecting a lot of ideas for posts. Right now I have a big list of topics for the next few weeks, so today I wanted to give you a quick sneak peek of what’s to come in the beauty section.


The products shown on the photo above were mostly Christmas presents and I’ve tried everything except the hot rollers at least one time. I already have an opinion about some of them, but there are some products that I need to wear a bit more to know where I’m at.

So far I can tell you this: the hot rollers are Remington; the brushes are from Real Techniques; the perfumes are Oriflame and Lady Gaga; the foundation, nail polishes, eyeliner and cream shadows from Catrice; the eye palette and powder from W7; the creams from Olay and Garnier; the Gotta Get Glowin is from Evie Mai and there’s also a Tangle Teezer.

For those of you that don’t come to this website for beauty related topics, don’t worry! I also have lots of movie reviews, music/tv topics, recipes and a lot more cool and random things! =)

Hope you’re enjoying the new layout and features and hope that you’ve already subscribe to the site through your email. That way you’ll always get the post fresh out of the oven!

See you tomorrow!


Sofia @ Something on Everything

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