Beauty products I’ve been loving lately

Today I realized that I’ve been using a lot of the same products for a while now. I discovered some recently, others have been in my possession for a long time, and were just rediscovered. =) In this post I’m going to talk about skincare products mostly (plus one nail polish).

When I first got to know about Beauty Broadcast, I saw that Emily loved her Olay Daily Facials – Facial Cloths, so I went to my store and bought some. I’m a bit lazy in what comes to skincare and discovering amazing products that are so easy to use is just perfect for me.


So, the first product is exactly that one – 2-in-1 Daily Facial Cloths by Olay. I’m now on my second box – they come in packages of 33 cloths – and the first one was combination to oily skin, but this one is for sensitive skin. I bought them on sale – buy 1 get 1 free – and as I didn’t know which would be better for me, I bought one of each. I know Olay also has normal skin cloths, but my store didn’t have those. I love this, I use everyday at night before bed and I’ve noticed a lot of changes in my skin. And I love the feel of my skin when I wake up. =)


The second and third products are from the same brand, a USA based brand that I had never heard of, called Formula 10.0.6, and I bought them on Sephora, both on sale (I followed the advice of one of the saleswomen and she was right!). They both look really cool, with all the info on the actual package front. It’s a different look, cleaner, and I like it. In the US, it’s sold online and at Ulta. Browse their website for more information.

The Best Face Forward – Daily Foaming Cleanser is described as: “This fresh, foaming gel cleanser washes away oil and impurities for a sparkling, clear complexion. Green Tea and Chamomile pacify while Passionfruit balances skin. Your skin looks clean, clear and healthy every day.” I use this every morning when I wake up and it makes the skin look so clean and ready for the day! And I also love that it only takes a tiny bit of product to wash the entire face. Oh and the smell! =)

The In the T Zone – Mattifying Cloth Masks is described as: “These unique cloth masks are shaped to work directly on the t-zone area. Zinc and oat absorb oil and tone pores, while marshmallow conditions and soothes the problem area. Leaves skin oil-free, calm and cool all day.” These come in a box with three masks and so far I’ve used 2. The only think I dislike is that the cloth is a bit big for my face and it goes on top of my hairline, but it works so well. I actually feel the skin calmer and without any redness. I do see a difference on my pores, but I have big pores so, I wasn’t expecting to see the pores getting small with just one mask. Again, amazing smell. If you have an awful t-zone, you’ll like this product. I was told to use this once a week, but I used the 2 with about 3 weeks apart.


I like peel-off masks. Don’t know why, but they feel a lot more effective. Psychosomatic rules! =) This is one of the products that I’ve had for a while, but I tend to only use one kind of peel-off masks at a time, and going through a tube this size takes quite a while.

It’s from Oriflame’s Pure Nature collection and it’s an Exfoliating Peel-off mask with organic jasmine extract. The website says that this product: “Removes dead skin cells and brightens skin’s complexion. For normal to combination skin.” I try to use this once a week, but I’ve been using it once every two weeks. You just leave it on for about 15 to 20 minutes, until you feel it’s completely dry, and then you just need to peel-off. It’s easy, makes my skin feel really great and I can see a big difference on my pores. =)


Three more products from Oriflame: Skindividual Extra-serum Dermo-Adapt, Skindividual Day Fluid Dermo-Adapt and Pure Nature Calming Toner with organic blueberry and lavender extracts. I don’t know if Oriflame is available in the States as this is a European catalog brand.

The extra-serum is described as: “Serum designed to be used in conjunction with Skindividual Day and/or Night Cream. Formulated with optical diffusers to correct instantly the appearance of the first signs of ageing. Also enriched with Dermo-Adapt™ technology and botanical exfoliating complex to help further boost day and night cream efficacy.” I like to use it after the daily facials at night. I find it makes my skin feel hydrated and soft, so, I do it like that. The first signs of ageing? Don’t know about that. Haven’t seen those. Does it mean that it works? =)

The toner has 100% organic blueberry & lavender extract to naturally calm and protect the skin. It’s supposed to leave the skin soft and prepared for face cream. I use it every morning after the cleanser and I love it! Love the smell and love how clear my skin looks after using it.

The day fluid I use every day in the morning after the Toner. It’s described as: “Light day fluid with Dermo-Adapt™ technology and high UV protection. Dermo-Adapt™ identifies your skin needs and acts on all levels of the skin to improve radiance, elasticity and help correct fine lines. This quick-absorbing formula is ideal for combination to oily skin.” Apart from all this, I like it because it maintains my skin oil free most of the day. And specially in the hot weather, it’s hard for me to find a product to does it. And it has SPF, so… awesome! =)


The last product, the one I’m wearing right now, is a nail polish from Sephora. The color’s name is Vintage Sweater and it’s a pretty blue-teal color. =) I tweeted and instagramed some pic of me wearing it in the past few days and I love it! The only thing: don’t forget to wear a base coat, as it WILL dye your nails if you – like me – forget it. =)

Have a great week everyone! And don’t forget to follow the blog to be notified of every new post!

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