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Today I want to talk to you about a Blogger/YouTuber.

Last week I asked your help to send my sister birthday wishes. What I did on Twitter was, after tweeting all the people I follow, I tweeted all the people she follows. And a lot of them I hadn’t heard of before. They were amazing and really sweet and I’m now following all of them. Yesterday I started to dig in and browsing their YouTube channels and blogs and websites and I’m now amazed with Emily Eddington.

She’s the person behind BeautyBroadcast and she has two YouTube channels. The primary channel is emilynoel83 and the recently added vlog channel is beautyvlogcast. The first is all beauty and the second is a mix of all kinds of topics.

I haven’t seen a lot, I have to admit, but do you know when you go to YouTube and say to yourself “you can only see two videos and then you have other things to do”? Well, I began with the “This is How I Roll” video and soon I had seen more than 20. I will browse more, I’m sure, I know that to see the whole 700+ videos she has online will take some time, but I will get there. And this afternoon, I read her “About Emily” section of the blog. OMG. Her story is inspiring, maybe even more because I’m at this limbo kind of state in my life right now and just reading how she got to where she is today… wow.

Since yesterday, I’ve already liked a lot of her videos, I’ve seen all the videos on her vlog channel (except for the Best Self Series, because I really want to have time to watch them all), I’ve downloaded some app for my iPhone that Emily and Tyler talked about on one of the videos and I’ve even added the hot rollers on the video I’ve talked before to a board on my Pinterest. It really is not that easy to inspire me these days, so, watching all of this is like a breath of fresh air.

So, Emily, if you’re reading this (which, by the way, would be AWESOME!), thank you. Because reading about you and watching your videos today really inspired and motivated me.

I look forward to watch more of her videos and I think you should go and check this blog and these channels out.
As written in her blog, here’s some ways to connect with Emily:
Beauty Broadcast Channel
Beauty Vlogcast Channel
Personal Facebook
Beauty Broadcast Facebook
– Instagram: follow at emilynoel83

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