Bachelorette Party. Rain. New beginnings. =)

Yesterday I went to the third Bachelorette party in my life. =) My friend is getting married next Saturday and it’s gonna be out of town so, a bunch of us are having a road trip and a one night stay in a hotel. =) Fun! eheh


We did something really fun yesterday, something that I had never thought about doing, but it was really fun. We had a photoshoot! And at a really cool park – I shared the view from where we were in Instagram (photos on the left and below).

Even though we were only 6, it was cool. =)


And later in the night, as we were leaving the bride’s home to go to a friend’s home, where all the men were (playing poker), we had the first encounter with pouring rain. And I mean, pouring can’t-see-the-car-in-front-of-me rain. Not fun. And the streets flooded and all… oh well.

I like weekends like this one. They “smell” like new beginnings (specially this one). And new beginnings make me happy. =) AND next weekend I get to hangout with friends at a weeding out of town. Cool, right? Oh, and I’ll get to try out some new makeup! woohooo!

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