Argo Movie Review

On the usual quest to see all the movies with Oscar nominations, we saw Argo last Saturday.


Everyone was talking about this movie and how Ben Affleck was getting snubbed because he wasn’t nominated for Directing or Actor in a Leading Role. It was specially surprising because he’s been winning some Directing awards. But I couldn’t say what I thought until I watched it. But now I can.

Let me tell you a bit about the story itself. In 1997 Bil Clinton declassified the secret file from this Argo mission. This movie is a dramatization of what happened. Basically in 1979 the American embassy in Iran was invaded and the Americans inside taken hostage. 6 of them were able to escape and took refuge in the Canadian Ambassador’s house. In 1980, a CIA expert found a way to try and rescue them by pretending to film a movie in Iran. I’m not gonna tell you anything else, because this was what I knew beforehand. And the suspense will make the whole experience a lot better.

I loved the movie. Like I said, I knew really little about the whole mission and I was amazed the whole time. It’s unbelievable how playing with egos can actually work even in a life-or-death situation. If you like this kind of movies – action, suspense, drama, based in true stories – you will like this one.

Now, regarding the awards and snubs. I liked how Ben Affleck played his character. And I haven’t seen The Master or Lincoln yet, so I can’t judge Joaquin Phoenix or Daniel Day-Lewis’ nominations, but I HAVE seen the other three. And even though I liked it, to include Ben Affleck in the Actor in a Leading Role category, would be just to get him a nomination. He wouldn’t win with Bradley Cooper, Denzel Washington and Hugh Jackman. Not with the performances they produced. He would win a nomination, but not an Oscar. So, this wasn’t a snub to me.

But, I do think he should’ve won a nomination for Directing. Amazing amazing job at that! Seriously.

Argo is a really good contender for Best Picture in my opinion. You should go see it.


See you tomorrow!

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