And suddenly, a bagel almost made me cry.

So, you already know that America is my country at heart. With that in mind, it shouldn’t be hard to imagine how much I miss being there.

Last year I found out about a store in Lisbon that sold American imported products. I went crazy and started shopping there every time I could. But there was always something missing. There was always that thing that could make everything better.

Last Tuesday my mom came to Lisbon for a medical exam and – as we always do when she’s here – we went on a shopping mall tour. Not to buy anything in particular, but to browse. When we were at OeirasParque – a shopping mall where I worked at back in 2006 – we stumbled upon a little store. A Global Food Store. Its name is Glood.glood13

We entered the store, and in its little magnificence, we saw a lot of things that made us both squeak. Like, a lot. And not only from the US, but from a lot of other countries, and a lot of products we knew but weren’t able to get for years and years. Oh the money that we could have spent there! Note to self: always – always! – make a budget before going there. And stick to it. Or I’ll want to get everything.

But then, when we already had a few things to buy… my mom found the treasure chest: the freezer. What happened right after could have made me faint. But I was brave. =) And didn’t want to embarrass myself {too much – I still kind of behaved like a child}.

If you don’t know me, or don’t have a place or people that you miss, you probably won’t get what I’m about to say. Do you know when a scent immediately transports you to a different place? When you smell something and almost feel like you’re reliving something? I have several scents and several products that work that way with my connection to the US. And for several reasons. But one of the most powerful are onion bagels. Or any kind of bagels, actually. But onion bagels… Oh my.

And there they were… english muffins! Oh yeah, I found the english muffins before the bagels. And if it had stopped here, I would be happy. I love me some english muffins {and I also make some really good ones at home}. But right next to them, three kinds of bagels were expecting me. =) Oh happiness.

I somehow managed to continue browsing the store, talk to the employee about Glood and got some more info about the stores, took my mom to the bus station, went to the grocery store {to get cream cheese, obviously}, workout for about an hour and waited till dinner time to have a bagel with my boyfriend. But I was beyond excited.

This was the haul =) we also bought a couple of things that my mom took home with her.


And this is one of my sister’s favorite wine, also available at the store – the white zinfandel.


That night we had bagels with salmon cream cheese and tomato slices. And, let me tell you… it was freaking amazing. It was almost as we were there – and how we miss it!



And those english muffins? Perfect for breakfast, as we had them back in the States. This one below was a shared one and it was half salmon cream cheese and half peanut butter. Heaven. Seriously.


I know that this may sound foolish to a lot of you out there. And I’m not gonna stuff myself with bagels – even though I’m sure I’ll have them quite often – but I know a lot of you out there also love American products and will find this post useful, even if it’s just to learn about the store.

So, here are some ways you can connect with them:

– Facebook:

– Website:

I’m recommending this store to everyone I know. Again, it may look like nothing, but the fact they have bagels, and that I can have a bit of the US right here with me, means everything. So, thank you Glood and I can only wish the best success for the store!

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4 thoughts on “And suddenly, a bagel almost made me cry.

  • August 1, 2013 at 12:45 pm

    Oh how I understand you. I’m not American or have any connection to America, I’m Luso-South African. I’ve never been to the Glood store, but have ordered some South African goodies from them online, and they also usually have a stand at our annual South African picnic in Leiria. It’s just amazing how a little product just gives you that warm & fuzzy feeling. Like you’ve mentioned a person has to go with a budget and stick to it, otherwise you land up buying everything. I to recommend Glood to all my friends, and even if you don’t live in Lisbon, you can purchase the goods online usually takes 2 days after payment to arrive at your doorstep.

    Enjoy your goodies.

    • August 22, 2013 at 10:08 am

      Thank you for stopping by Marta! You’re right, I just placed an order to be sent to my parents to Algarve and it’s perfect =) They miss the US also and it’s such a treat =)

      Have a great week!

  • August 6, 2013 at 12:23 am

    I know exactly how you feel! I grew up in California, and now live in Iowa…in the middle of nowhere! I am always so excited when I am finally able to find something that I used to love when I lived in the “real world”, and have not been able to find for the past 14 years 🙂 Enjoy your bagels!

    • August 22, 2013 at 10:17 am

      Thank you for stopping by Linda 🙂

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