American Products I Love

Today I want to talk about probably the most futile things so far. If you’ve read my posts, it’s not a surprise that I love America. I have family there and I’m trying to get a job there. I truly believe I’m living in the wrong country and I miss being there (been there 3 times).

So, there are some things – products – that I love and every time I go there, I fully replenish my stock. And now, I’m almost out so, that means I need to go back asap. =)

The picture below is the care package my parents brought to me the last the were in the states, last May. =) And below that, you’re gonna find a gallery of my favorite products, that I would be so happy if I could find them in Portugal. =) (omg, spiral ham…)

I know a lot of them are food products but still. =) When I have them, I don’t eat them all at once eheh And yes, Scrubbing Bubbles, Pam, I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter and Mrs. Dash are staples around here 😉


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