Afternoon in Lisbon – Part 2 – Augusta’s Arch


Like I said yesterday, this is a two-part post about a cultural afternoon from a couple of weeks ago. Actually, this will be a three-part post eheh {too many photos…oops!}.

Today’s post is our experience on the viewpoint on the top of Augusta’s Arch. It’s a beautiful Arch itself and I had no idea that we could go all the way up there. The view is breathtaking. Seriously. And I have terrible fear of heights. And it also gives you a really different perspective of Lisbon and the historical part of the city.

We have such beautiful buildings! In one of the photos you can see one of the biggest Cathedrals of Lisbon, and in some of them you can see the city’s Castle, Saint Jorge’s Castle. Also, from up there we’re so close to the Arch’s sculptures… and they’re made in a fantastic detail – astounding even if you think they were made back in the 19th century. The whole building is even more amazing if you keep that in mind. I can’t even imagine how hard it was to build. And it only took two years to finish. Pretty crazy and cool, these Portuguese people, right? eheh 😉

So, on to the photos. A LOT, again. Sorry. But they’re meant to try and show you a bit of what you’d see from there. Again, a place I really recommend you to go. =)

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