7 days left. Oh my.


** Warning **
This will be a fairly random post. ;P

In seven days I’ll be 28. The things I was hoping to do for my birthday with my friends will probably not happen so I only have a week to think about new possibilities.

As my mind is in a ramble-y kind of mood today, I think I’m just gonna share some tidbits of my current existence. =) So sorry in advance. 😉


In the past few weeks I’ve been dreaming about my birthday. One of the recurrent dreams is that I would receive a tweet of my sister on my bday, asking me to go to the airport to get her! The first time, it was only my sister, the next two or three times, it was my sister, my brother in law and my nieces. =) That would be so cool! And the perfect birthday present! 😛 **hint hint**
So, if you’re planning on doing this sis, no problem, I can act surprised 😛 eheh


I’ve been watching emilynoel83’s videos and I challenged myself to watch all her 709 videos before my birthday. I’ve learned a lot watching them and I only have about 300 left so, I’ll keep on doing that. =) Really great videos and tips on beauty, so, it’s highly recommended, obviously.

(by the way, on the photo, yes, I’m watching the videos on the elliptical trainer. I always watch something on my iPad while on the elliptical or on the treadmill.)


In some of the videos mentioned above, Emily talks about her daily skin routine, and she uses Olay Daily Cleansing Cloths. I went to my supermarket and found these on sale, so I bought them to try and see how my skin likes them. I’ve used 3 or 4 and I’m surprised at how good they are.
Probably gonna keep you posted on that, as I think it can be a really good and easy tip. =)


I’ve been editing a video of two of my friends’ wedding for… a long time now, but more so in the past couple of months. I hate that I’m taking this long to do it but I need to make it in a perfect way. =)
I now have the last videos of the ceremony and party that I needed, and I also just discovered a great finishing tool (called PowerDirector), so I think I’ll be able to give it to them in the next week. =)


I found out a new brand of cosmetics in the supermarket. I bought the scrub and body butter in Strawberries and Milkshake and it smells soooo good! And they’re pretty awesome in what they’re supposed to do also. 😉 Highly recommended. Also available – as far as I know – in a mango and something (maybe peach?) scent.

US readers: I heard that this brand is sold at Walmart =)


I’ve been trying out new nail polishes in great colors. I found these on a big chinese store close to my house and they were just 1€ each (about $1.25). They’re good, actually. Easy to use, some need just one coat, others two, but they really last quite a while (specially if you use a top coat). Cool finding.

Today I’m using the green one. =)

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