2014 New year, new beginning.

First of all, I hope everyone started the new year on a good note and that 2014 will bring you health, happiness and success.

As you may be aware of, I’ve been away from the blog and internet overall, since the beginning of December. I’ve talked a bit about what happened to my dad but I need to talk to you about something else that happened to me in the last few months of 2013.


One of my biggest dreams is to move to the United States. Live, work and raise a family there. It just is. Has been for a long while. I’ve been sending out resumes for some years now, and more so since I’ve been out of job – since 2011.

Last September, after sending another resume, I got a call back. A Skype job interview. I was ecstatic! It was my first ever interview in english and my first ever Skype interview. It went really well, even though I was a nerve wreck. Days went on and I didn’t receive an email back. At the time, I was hopeful, but also thinking something like “Well, it was your first interview, and it gave you experience. Now it’s time to see what you can do better for the next one”. But then, a couple of weeks later, I got another email.

This time, it was letting me know that if I was still interested, I would be contacted for a second round of interviews, this time with a different person. O-M-G! Immediately answered that I was still very much interested and by this time, my heart signed a lease on my hands.

Also around this time, I started browsing a lot more about the company and people that I had been (and would be) talking to, and with every thing that I learned about them, I became happier and happier. It was almost as I had found the perfect place to work. They have been doing an amazing job and I believe it would be an honor for me to work there. I still do.

A couple of days later, I get an email, late at night, asking if I was available for an interview the following day, a mere 10 hours later. Oh yes, I am! =) Didn’t sleep much that night.

It was October, during the US sequester. I will never forget that. And the interview was, again, amazing. I enjoyed talking with both of the interviewers so much! They really knew what they were talking about and it was amazing exchanging experiences from two different cultures. I was so excited! I was asked to write something and send, and I did it in a couple of hours. Heart still in the palm of my hands.

I was to wait for an email with the final result.

Days went by. In late October I got an email telling me that they were ready to make an offer letter, they were just waiting to be approved to hire foreigners. Tears. Lots of tears. “Now it’s just a waiting game, I thought”. Weeks went by. And in November 19, I got the email telling me that if I was still interested, they were ready to send me an offer letter. I said yes, and two days later, on a day I will NEVER forget, November 21, the offer came. I was bawling my eyes out. I signed it and sent it and got the email confirming it was official.

Not only had I achieved my dream, but it was in fact, an amazing offer.

I called my boyfriend, my sister and later on the evening, I even recorded a phone call on speaker phone to my mom, dad and grandma. They had no clue – I only wanted to tell them when I knew something for sure. And it was official. I had signed the offer letter. 

I was moving to the United States, and the job’s first day was June 2 – three days before my 30th birthday. I always told my family and friends I would be living in the US by the time I turned 30. Perfect timing!

It was a Thursday. On Friday, I contacted the US Embassy in Lisbon to clarify some steps of the process that I would need to go through and on Monday, November 25, I sent an email to the HR telling them what they would need to do, as a company. It would involve filing a petition and paying a fee. The rest would be up to me.

I spent the weekend browsing online for houses, prices, cars, and whatever came to my mind that I would be needing. Even air fares.

Late on November 25, I got an email from the HR telling me that “with the amount that the company would have to pay to process your Visa, we will not be able to offer you employment at this time”.

Heartbreaking isn’t quite the right word. It was worse than that. So much worse. I felt like they crushed my soul. Even right now, as I’m writing this, I’m getting a huge head ache and chills and shortness of breath.

I emailed back to both the HR and the person that hired me but I haven’t received an answer and I probably never will.

I understand a company’s point of view. It’s such a hard process to go through and it’s not something that every company can endure. And you’re probably thinking that the fee was a lot higher than it actually was. But it was only $580. I would have given that in a heart beat. Without looking back. My part of the process would be a lot more expensive (5-6x) and I was willing to pay it.

Why would a company do that to someone, to end it in such an abrupt manner, without even an explanation? That still consumes part of my nights and even now, a month and a half later, is something that I can’t linger consciously, or I have the direct result of uninterrupted crying. And I kind of need to stay away from that. But I needed to share a bit – yes, this long post is just tapping the surface of my feelings pool – of this experience with all of you.

Even though this happened, I still believe it was an amazing experience. I loved talking to the two therapists that interviewed me, and I still believe they’re doing an amazing job as a company. With that said, it only feels weirder that this happened. I really thought that we had connected.

A couple of days after all this happened, my dad had a stroke. I know it wasn’t my fault. But it added to my state of mind. And since then, so many things happened that I wanted to re-focus and re-group before even mentioning this again.

On Christmas, my sister and brother in law gave me the most amazing necklace with so much meaning:

They had this necklace handmade by Emma (ELJewellry – Strangeness & Charms) and I’m now a big fan of her work. If you want to check a lot more of her work, click on the photo to go to the FB page.

I do, I do refuse to sink.

Luckily, I have an amazing family and group of friends that make of a very sturdy and important support system.

Even though the year ended with yet another bout in the hospital for my dad (this time it was his heart, and he spent 3 days there) and, since January 2, my boyfriend’s aunt in the hospital, I have to believe that it will get better from now on.

And I have amazing things to look forward to in 2014! Amazing! So, I’m excited!

Also, my blog will have some changes from now on. I won’t be posting every day, I will be doing some cleaning and re-organizing, and I will post a little less often, but with more content. I want to write more useful posts and take this to a whole new level. I’m also working on several parallel projects.

But still, my biggest on-going goal for this year is to get another opportunity to work in the States. I believe I’m worth it. I am a very good professional and every company would win if they were to hire me. Specially if they would hire me to work in the US. I would be the best and most committed therapist. *okay, I’ll stop with the overconfidence right before I come off as arrogant*

So, this is what has been changing me for the past few months. I thank you for your support so far, here and in the rest of the social media, and I’m looking forward for even more interaction with all of you in 2014!

Also, if you know of a company in the US that’s looking to hire a Behavior/Developmental Specialist, Early Intervention Therapist, Master of Science in Education in Early Childhood Intervention, please let me know! =)

I’ll see you soon with a new post!

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7 thoughts on “2014 New year, new beginning.

  • January 9, 2014 at 6:57 pm

    Oh my goodness! How devistating! You’d think they would’ve done more investing before they got you all hyped up. I’m sorry, best wishes!

    • January 10, 2014 at 4:35 pm

      Thank you so much. It felt good to share my experience with you and “the world”. =)

      Happy 2014!

  • January 10, 2014 at 4:10 pm

    Olá Sofia, I found your blog by accident not long ago and read through a lot of it and the more I read the more I could relate to you and what you wrote. I was laid off from my job of 13 years in 2009 and was devastated. My only thought was this is my chance to fulfill my lifelong dream of going to the States to work. But as my husband has a job here I started looking for work here first while trying to convince him that the best would be for us to go abroad. In the meanwhile my mother in law passed away which was devastating for the whole family and I decided to lay off bugging him with this. I can still imagine myself there and have not given up, I have a lifelong entry to the green card lottery (wishful thinking right!). Since August 2011 I have been taking care of my 90 year old grandmother and have promised her not to leave her until she dies. The family helps me out and I help them by taking care of her and all her affairs. My grandmother knows of my wish to live in the States and she has told me that if I get the chance she does not mind me leaving, but only for that reason! I will now enjoy her company for as long as I can and then will return to my search for the American Dream! Boa sorte para este ano!

    • January 10, 2014 at 4:34 pm

      Wow. Thank you so much for sharing a bit of your life with me. It’s always good to learn a bit more of the person behind the other side of the screen.

      I won’t give up my dreams and I completely understand your current situation. Family means the world to me also.

      Here’s to wishing that we both get to – even if not in 2014 – achieve our American Dream!

      Boa sorte e Bom Ano!

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