2-in-1 Review: Sephora Immediate Wrinkle Filler & Flash Mattifying Compact

I bought these two products on a Sephora sale. I hadn’t heard about them before and they were almost hidden away in one of the containers in the store. They were 5€ each (around $6.20) and the original prices were around 11€ ($13.70). When I found these, I instantly heard Emily Eddington in my head, asking: “can I use this product in another way than the original purpose?”. I opened the testers and was excited to see that one could be used as a primer and the other as finishing product.


Now, I’m new to the makeup world so, writing a makeup review is a challenge. But I do believe these are good products and I wanted you to know that.


I found out about primers just 3 months ago, and started using primers about 2 months ago. I’ve only used one other – Sephora’s Smoothing Primer – but even though I can’t compare this product to a lot of different ones, I choose to just tell you how it feels.

I like the container. It’s easy, practical and you can use just the amount you need, without spoilage. The other Sephora primer has a dispenser and sometimes, if you’re distracted, it will give you more product than you need.


The texture of the filler is really close to any other silicon-based primer and you don’t need a lot to cover your face. I always use moisturizer on my face before applying any kind of makeup so, every time I used this, I used with a regular combo skin SPF 15 moisturizer (I’m using one from the brand Oriflame). One thing I have to say: this covers the big huge pores I have perfectly!

I tried to use this with different types of foundation and in different types of context. I used this with a liquid foundation (T-Balance Foundation by Oriflame), with a powder foundation (Original Mineral by BareMinerals) and with a tinted moisturizer (Lumineuse by Vichy). And I used this on really hot days (spending a long time outside or in the sun) and even – and don’t judge me, I was trying to get as much info as I could – while working out.

I’m now completely in love with this product. It makes it easier to put any kind of foundation on – specially the mineral powder, with which I had a few problems with the other primer – and it makes the foundation last a lot more in a really good condition.

The containers doesn’t hold much product – only 12g (0.42oz) but it will last a long time because you’re not using a lot each time.

Fun fact: I’ve tried this product on wrinkles, and it’s also good. So, I guess it’s also great for the main purpose. 🙂


As a flash mattifying compact product, one would use this to retouch their makeup throughout the day, as needed. The question is: can this also work as a finishing product? Meaning, can it help hold the makeup for a long time,with no need for constant retouches?

I say yes. At least for me, it works. I have combo skin, slightly more oily in the summertime. I applied this after the foundation, bronzer and blush, and it really helped my skin! For example, one of the days that I used this, I applied makeup in the morning, spent most of the day out of the house, with really high temperatures, and only needed to retouch the area around my nose before going out to dinner at 8pm. And this, for my summertime oily skin, is amazing.

The product I had in mind when I bought this was Mally’s Evercolor Poreless Face Defender. I never used it, and I’ve only seen it in Emily’s videos, so I can’t compare, but it seems to me that this could be an acceptable product to use, without turning to high-end products.

And, it’s a compact, so it’s so easy to take with you everywhere, just in case! It holds 4.5g (0.15oz) and comes with a small sponge. I hate sponges but it really is the best to apply this. And, as the primer, you won’t need to use a lot of product also, so it’s gonna last a while. =)

There you go! My thoughts on these two products. One thing to keep in mind: this works for me, it doesn’t mean it will work for you. As could happen the other way around; could have been horrible for me, and great for you.

Have a nice week!

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