117th Boston Marathon

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Last year I wrote a blog post about the Boston Marathon (click here to see it). I wasn’t going to write the post about it today, but tomorrow when the Portuguese athlete that finished in 9th place is supposed to arrive back in Portugal. (9th place is huge news!)

But I can’t. Because today wasn’t a normal marathon day. Today I was shocked when I saw the breaking news on CNN when they only knew that people heard two explosions close to the finish line of the race.

I think I reacted just like anyone else would. I couldn’t believe it. And immediately remembered that Rizzoli & Isles episode – the one where I first heard about the marathon – and started to imagine the caos that a situation like this could ignite.

Right now, a few hours later, official numbers tell us that 3 people were killed and more than 140 were injured. More than a dozen are in critical condition and there are several limb amputations. One of the deaths were of a 8 yr old boy. No terrorist group has yet claim responsibility and it seems that the bombs weren’t as sophisticated as usual. Usual. Such a strange word to use close to the word bombs.


(all three photos were in the CNN website)

My heart goes out to all those affected by the Boston bombings. If any of the victims were related to me or my friends, I would also want the Government to hit the “all hell breaks loose” button on the people or group responsible for this. I think it was reassuring to hear President Obama.

As you know, the United States of America is my country at heart. And with the latest North Korean threats and all that situation, no one was looking or even thinking that something like this could happen. It’s crazy and scary. When something like this happens in Boston in such a high security event, it can happen anywhere.

Tomorrow the blog will return to its normal posts.

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